We view our relationships as long term, with no short cuts

We view our relationships as long term, with no short cuts

Interview Support

Our Consultants mainly deal with heads of departments, regional heads and global heads while working in conjunction with HR. We believe this is fundamental in understanding our clients’ needs better and increasing the chance of interviews to take place.

With strong local and global relationships, we are able to get to the core decision makers and fully understand our clients’ business and cultural needs. We are then able to represent you in the best possible way, and have a higher chance of getting interviews in place.

Market Insights

With many of our consultants coming from the Industries they consult for, we are connected to many of the key market movers and have constant exposure to trends and developments in the respective sectors. Titan Partners work with global and local “C” level executives, and can provide expert advice on market conditions and salary trends. We will identify where your skills and experience are most needed.

Career Advice

We will support you throughout your career. Not only will we support you from the beginning to the end of your interview process, but we will also support you even after completing your search. We take a long-term approach towards all our relationships.

We will provide career advice based on a neutral and objective perspective.

Our goal is to get you your dream job, which provides job security and career progression, as well as happiness and enrichment in your professional life.

We will coach you through all aspects of the interview process and support you through the full recruitment cycle with the most up-to-date and sound advice.

Team Approach

Our consultants work collectively to best meet your needs. All information is shared within the company in order to support you as a collective team. Whether there is a hiring need or a candidate requiring support, we work together to help you obtain your goals.